Getting Back Our Manorhaven Pride

A resident who spoke at a Village meeting last fall said, “We need to get a little shine back into the Village.”  We totally agree and will devote ourselves to  making that a reality, not just a hope.

The Manorhaven Residents Party team envisions a Village that is financially healthy, beautiful to live in and that provides our residents with the highest possible quality of life.

One major accomplishment we achieved this year was to secure $2,000,000 in funding from Nassau County to improve and beautify the streetscape along Manorhaven Boulevard. Adding that to the $1,000,000 already committed to repave the entire length of our main thoroughfare, the total $3,000,000 investment from the County will completely transform our Village’s main street!

We will continue to work with our citizens to create a new Manorhaven. You can count on us to:

  • Ease parking problems, including limiting alternate side parking to snow emergencies
  • Institute a highly efficient and effective snow removal plan
  • Fully staff code enforcement, buildings and public works and make sure that they function at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Repair and maintain the infrastructure needed for our dense population
  • Finalize discussion with Port Washington Police, comparing benefits and costs versus Nassau County patrol/protection and taking appropriate action based on public safety and financial considerations
  • Improve the Village’s strengthening financial standing, continuing to whittle down costs, factoring in necessary capital improvements and allowing for emergencies
  • Create a more beautiful Village, with enhancements to Manorhaven Boulevard and many other projects
  • Help develop a thriving commercial district, with high quality shops and eateries
  • Ensure that our waterfront is accessible and that its quality is preserved
  • Encourage citizen participation in decision-making and implementation via public forums, working committees and open discussion at meetings
  • Partner with local businesses, community groups and other villages
  • Continue video recordings of all Village meetings, posting them and other critical information on the village website
  • Upgrade the Village website, making it easier to navigate and more interactive, encouraging citizen feedback

 You can count on us to govern with integrity, transparency and openness     in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation.

We remain focused on our vision for the future of Manorhaven.